Puppy Visits

Are you welcoming a new puppy into your life?

Let Wagging With Chantal Help you with that. Puppy visits are for puppies that are too young to join group walks. During the visit your puppy will go on a short potty walk and then return home for an indoor play and cuddle session. Visits also include achanging of water, feeding if requested and a clean up of any accidents. For puppies aged 8 weeks to 4 months, visits are 15-30 minutes long based upon request and need.

As dog ages, we can gradually incorporate them into small group walks in which your pup will become accustomed to socialization and appropriate social behaviour.


Group Walks

Group Walks are an hour of fun socialization in various dog parks around Toronto. Not only will your dog get exercise but he or she will also have the chance to make lifetime doggie friends. Dogs are walked in groups of 3-6 dogs to ensure that every dog gets the love, attention and the care they need. All dogs are properly grouped according to temperament / energy level and location. Group walks are for canines over the age of 4 months old. Your dog must have basic training and social skills. At Wagging with Chantal we do pick ups and drop offs to and from the park, in a spacious, heated and air conditioned vehicle, which expands accessibility to clientele and parks. (Travel time to and from the park is NOT included in the hour playtime). The parks visited are fully fenced with various trails and dogs are provided with fresh water and treats. Come summer Wagging with Chantal dogs are treated to swims down at Cherry Beach, Humber Bay West, and other dog friendly Toronto beaches.

*Wagging With Chantal also offers evening and weekend walks by appointment.

Private walks

Private walks are for dogs that require one on one attention. Walks are half an hour and great for dogs that are shy or aggressive towards other dogs and/or seniors. This ensures personal service based on need.



If only you could take “Fido” everywhere you went. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t and I am here for you. When you board your dog with Wagging With Chantal your dog will always feel at home and apart of our family. I have tons of various beds, toys, treats etc. to make your dog feel loved and comfortable.  Boarding is done out of my home, which you can visit before booking to ensure you are happy with the boarding conditions; clean and safe is our professional standard. I do NOT cage any dogs in my home but do have crates on hand for owners that wish for their dog to be crated at night for sleeping purposes. I offer daily updates with photos of your dog at the various parks we visited and the new friends your pup has made that day. Feel good knowing that I only board a maximum of 3 dogs at a time with 24-hour supervision.

Boarding requirements
Dogs must be spayed or neutered by the age of 6 months

Updated on vaccinations
A meet and greet followed by a trial night to allow your pooch to get
familiar with where he or she will be staying

Your dog must be social with other dogs, dogs with aggressive
behaviour will not be allowed.